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Welcome to D&D Tech Repairs

D&D Tech Repairs fixes your laptops, Games Consoles, Mobile phones, Tablets and much more!

Have you ever gone into the big IT store and heard that sharp intake of breath accompanied by a shaking head and a tut tut tut?

Why do they do that?

Whatever the reason, you know it’s going to cost you a fortune and, in the worst cases, you may find yourself having to buy a new replacement!

At D&D Tech Repairs we look for the least expensive option to get you back to work or play on your IT or Digital Electronics equipment – whatever the problem.

LCD screen problems?

Unresponsive screen?

Needs upgrading?

Running slow?

Lost Data?


Forgotten Passwords?

Not booting up properly?

Dead Unit?

Power problems?

Our Promise to You :

We will keep costs to an absolute minimum and refer to you to ensure you are fully aware of all details and costs.

soldering a mother board

We Guarantee:

All repairs and your satisfaction are guaranteed.